Mobilizing knowledge concerning practices that specifically address challenges and opportunities involved in educating a diverse population. 


Dr. Zaidi’s research publications have contributed globally to expanding the appreciation and understanding of diversity, immigration, incorporating interdisciplinary approaches such as education, sociology, and psychology. Her accomplishments include more than 39 publications.  She has co-authored and edited 10 book chapters, 26 refereed articles and three edited journals. She also presented 28 keynote addresses and 72 refereed conference presentations. 

Exploring social, cultural, ideological

and critical understandings about language acquisition

Dr. Zaidi

is a tenured associate professor and Chair of Language and Literacy at the University of Calgary.

During Dr. Zaidi’s 15-years at the University of Calgary, she has developed research expertise in language learning and literacy acquisition topics related to different cultures and languages within the current sociopolitical climate. Her scholarly writings push for a transcultural, cosmopolitan lens that accounts for the plurality of languages, text genres, and funds of knowledge that multilingual children and families bring with them to schools and their eclectic and idiosyncratic ways of excavating these rich backgrounds through theory.




ATA 2020 Educational Research Award

Presented to a faculty of education member at an Alberta University who has undertaken high quality research on classroom teaching and learning


Werklund Research Excellence Award 2020

The Research Excellence Award recognizes excellence in research by academic staff in the Werklund School of Education. One award is given to a researcher whose work has had significant and sustained impact on educational practice, the researcher's discipline, and on the community at large.

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